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Car Sales

Yes. We have access to a variety of automotive financing programs with rate, term and downpayment options that fit most needs. We are here to assist you in your approval process. Please contact us today and ask for details.

Yes, we accept all car trades. We are excited to assist you in purchasing the car of your dreams.

Yes, our staff has many relationships in the industry. We will work hard to locate your dream car.

Although we do not provide a warranty beyond the manufactures warranty, we meticulously inspect each car and repair any known issues so when our customers drive away, they can leave with confidence. Our goal is to build long term relationships with all of our customers.

At Rev, we want you to drive away with confidence. We encourage you to test drive our cars before you buy them. We know that once you do you will be in love and a family member for life!

  • A copy of title - proof of ownership of the stored vehicle
  • Proof of insurance for your stored vehicle or a signed letter indicating that you understand that REV Automotiv does not provide any coverage on your stored vehicle
  • A spare key to your vehicle
  • A list of designated persons authorized to remove the stored vehicle with copies of identification for each
  • We will provide a drip pad for each vehicle stored with us
  • Cars are to be stored one car per storage space
  • Proof of ownership of the automobile and proof of insurance are required to store a vehicle. In lieu of proof of insurance, a signed and dated letter acknowledging that we do not provide any insurance on your stored vehicle is acceptable
  • Car is your responsibility, we do carry insurance on the REV building
  • Stored vehicles should have convertible tops up, sunroofs closed and windows up when they are stored
  • Cars with fuel leaks will not be accepted
  • Only routine maintenance is permitted at Rev. We have off site maintenance available
  • Stored vehicles must be transported to a repair site for major maintenance. Rev does have transportation options available. Extra charges may apply for additional services
  • Gasoline or other flammable chemicals not allowed to be stored in REV facility
  • All vehicles must be operational

All cars are welcome from exotic cars to classic cars to beloved project cars.

Yes, we can set up auto pay for your monthly charge.

Not only do we offer 24hr, video monitoring within in our facility. We are also within 1.5 miles of the City of Powell Police Station. We have been aggressive in forming relationships with the hardworking officers of Powell, who provide an added benefit by patrolling of our building within the Powell area.

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The duration of the service(s) will vary depending upon the service and size of vehicle. A Rev team member will specify the estimated time for the services you have selected upon vehicle inspection.

Yes, your car will be safely locked in our secured facility overnight. Our facility is under 24hr video surveilence.

Yes we provide complimentary shuttle service in the AM within a few miles of our location.

There are many environmental contaminants present especially in the snowy and rainy months. The most common contaminants include mud, road tar, grit, grim, salt, acid rain and industrial hazards. When your car surfaces are protected with wax or sealant, most of the contaminants are repelled creating a barrier of protection. Any contaminants that are not repelled actually stick to the wax or sealant, rather then sticking to the paint therefore it can be removed much easier than if your vehicle is not protected. It is also beneficial to your car to keep the corrosive contaminants off of the under carriage.




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